Chippenham Archers

Each year the Club holds Beginners Courses at its outdoor Range which is located near (but not at) the Chippenham Rugby Club (full directions will be provided  to Course Candidates)

Please read the following for full details, then contact the Beginners Coordinator to express your 'without obligation' interest in a place or places. You will then be contacted by our Coordinator Courses regarding availability of places and how to secure a place on a Course..

 The aim of these Courses  is to teach Archery in such a way as to enthuse the Candidates to take up the Sport  either at this Club or a similar thriving and active Archery Club.

1. To achieve this aim the candidates undertake a fully structured Course under the supervision of Archery GB qualified Coaches. Following successful completion of the Course Candidates will be capable of partaking in the Sport of Archery Safely, and it is hoped, fairly successfully should they wish to join an Archery Club (not necessarily this one).

Before considering applying for a place for a Junior, Parents/Guardians should note the following:

Candidates must be over 10 years old at the start of the Course, and that Candidates aged under 12  will only be accepted on a Course if a Parent or Guardian is a Candidate on the same Beginners Course

Parents/Guardians of Juniors between the ages of 12 and 16  must remain in attendance at all times

Please Note Previous experience has shown that, following a course, many Parents/Guardian have expressed the view that they wished that they had also joined the course at the same time as the Junior Candidates therefore consideration should be given by Parents and Guardians of Juniors between 12 and 18 (see note above) to becoming Candidates at the same time 

2. This is a continuous shooting development Course where each session builds on the information and techniques learnt at the previous session hence it is important that where practical Candidates attend every session and at the same time. All equipment required is provided by the Club and Candidates are taught two styles of shooting ('Point of Aim' and 'Traditional Style') , also included are briefing and demonstration modules which cover the Longbow, Recurve and Compound Bows and one on different Types of Archery (these are delivered at the mid point of each session when Candidates take a Tea/Coffee/Squash break).

3. The Course cost per person is £70 - (The Course Coordinator will request full Course payment prior to confirming a place on a Course) The Courses can vary in the number of sessions but each course will provide Eight hours of tuition in total.(Each Course is always lead by a 'Archery GB' qualified Coach assisted by Coaches/Coaches under tuition or very experienced Archers ).

4. By Course completion, and as a prerequisite to joining this club, all candidates, are expected to have attained an archery proficiency level whereby they are capable of shooting reasonable well at a minimum distance of 20yds.(as this is the minimum distance that the outdoor practise targets are positioned from the shooting line and is the minimum distance that is shot by all members at the indoor venue).

5. Successful candidates who choose to join this club within two weeks of course completion are provided with (at no additional cost) an intermediate coaching period of time, before getting their own equipment, during which they are trained to such a stage where they are able to purchase equipment which is totally suitable for them as individuals and is suited to allow them to successfully develop in the sport.

If, after reading the information above, you are potentially interested in a Course please contact the Beginners Coordinator expressing your interest.

For Club use: Course Flyer (PDF) and Course Flyer Image (.jpg)

Course Registration

The Course Registration Form and where applicable this Parental/Guardian Consent Form

Please read the following BEFORE attending the first session of the Course:

Please arrive early on the first session so that Registration does not take up the Course time and the other Course members and Instructors are not kept hanging around.

Please wear close fitting upper body clothing and avoid hoodies or similar tops with drawstrings close to the neck.

Please remove any jewellery/accessories in order to avoid the bowstring catching/fouling whilst shooting.

As the Course is held outside please wear sufficient clothing to keep you warm (noting the requirement above for close fitting).

Because in this country rain is always a possibility please come prepared with some form of wet weather clothing (close fitting for shooting in).

Please be aware that the Course is held on a grass surface that can be soft going and moist following rain and so it is advised that suitable footwear for these kinds of surface is worn (this also applies to accompanying Parents/Guardians)

On a final point please remember that under no circumstances should a Junior under 18 years old be on Chippenham Archers Club grounds unless accompanied AT ALL TIMES by a Parent or Guardian.

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